Northern Vision

Our Services

Marketing and Leasing Outline – Project Leasing

1. Research

  • Competitive analysis, traffic analysis and demographic studies


2. Marketing

  • Source out potential tenants existing in the marketplace. List their expiries and level of interest.
  • Coordinate the production of all marketing materials for the Property.
  • Broadcast the opportunity to tenants and the brokerage community by email, phone, in person and web-posting and across Canada through services such as Developers and Chains E-News (a twice weekly publication we subscribe to where we advertise tenant and landlord mandates).
  • Promote the Development at relevant industry trade shows such as the International Council of Shopping Centre (ICSC) Conference.
  • Market and promote within the local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Regular discussions with landlords, appraisers, lenders and other professionals active in commercial real estate.

3. Communication and Completion of Leases

  • Meet with owners in person to present offers and discuss. Include tenants where possible.
  • Give feedback on marketing efforts.
  • Prepare a working lease for retail and office that protects the landlord but is fair to tenants.
  • Discuss and complete all final lease negotiations, preferably in person.


Brokerage Services Outline

1. Research

  • A complete list of formally and off-market properties for sale with pricing, income and comparative sales information.
  • Comparables.
  • Traffic analysis, lease information and demographic studies

2. Marketing

  • For buyers: Identify from our list - potential properties that meet criteria.
  • For sellers: Identify from our list - all existing real estate investors seeking or already owning commercial real estate and other brokers active in commercial real estate.

3. Completing

  • Preparation of purchase and sale contracts and due diligence.


Working with Tenants – Tenant Mandates

Our Tenant Mandates have allowed us to expand and grow our business throughout British Columbia and across Canada. Our strong relationships formed with our current and past Tenants have been based on the people who share our passion and energy for building a company and growing a brand. We become the “de facto” Real Estate Department (and Marketing Department) of our tenants, opening doors to new opportunities and developing and executing a growth strategy. In some situations, we assist in down-sizing. Northern Vision Realty Advisors offers a complete service. Here are some of the ways we help our clients:

Focused and qualified location search  Consult with our Tenants to summarize commercial properties and projects and projects detailing property description, city services, rent breakdowns, major tenant descriptions, detailed building descriptions, city overviews, marketplace overviews, demographics, market competitors, and summarizing all existing leases for co-tenancy longevity.

Bottom Line Negotiating  Do we have exclusivity? Are we protected for the long term? Can we assign or sell a business or franchise freely? Did we get a good deal that stands out in the marketplace? Getting the best deal possible and protecting our Tenants against difficult leases is an important aspect of our work.

Introductions to Landlords  Our experience and profiling makes you stronger! The doors we open last for many, many years. We have 25 years of contacts!! Including such companies as Cadillac Fairview, Ivanhoe Cambridge, First Capital, Morguard, Grosvenor, Onni Group, Bentall, Property Development Group and Smartcentres.

One or One Thousand  To some, one store is a 100% increase to their growth! That is the most important deal we can do! Bad growth and we are both out of a job! So one is just as important as two or five or one thousand.

Good Research  How many customers visit the surrounding tenants? What is daytime vs. night time traffic? Is your customer prevalent in the area? Through good research, we identify the best possible locations for our tenants. How visible are we? Is parking easy or available? Does the space offer what we need in terms of power, water, building code, ceiling height and access / egress? Do we know the future plans for the area in terms of civic planning and new projects?

Marketing  We like to tell people about you. People need to know how great you are and why they should have you as a tenant in their properties. We broadcast that and announce your new locations. To Canadian developers and real estate agents. We attend real estate conferences to promote your brand.

Staying Connected  We Network with BIA’s, Chamber of Commerce, ICSC, and other business groups to help identify and broadcast opportunities while fostering relationships with owners, developers, agents, and associates.


Real Estate Consulting
With over two decades of asset management, leasing, development and property management experience, we offer an extensive knowledge and established relationships to experienced professionals in every discipline needed to provide feedback on your asset.

Property Management
In certain markets, we can offer property management services for your property.

We work with Vendors to help find the right Purchaser and we work with Purchasers to find the right property for their needs. Our team can market your property to an extensive database of local and national investors, from private to institutional and can also voice your purchasing interest to potential sellers testing the market.