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Sticky's Candy

Sticky's Candy

Sticky's Candy

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Tenant Specification
Size: 900-1,300 s.f.
Power: 100 amps, three phase
HVAC: 1 ton per 300 square feet
Water/Sewer: Plumbing required to front of store for sinks
Looking: All Markets IN B.C. and Alberta
Storefront Width: 20 FT
Ceiling Height: N/A
Tenant's Detail
Retro, nostalgic candy store growing in B.C. and Alberta. Units on the street with high pedestrian traffic, strip malls and interior mall locations are considered.

Step into a Sticky’s Candy store and enter a world of colour and joy – a unique journey offering friendliness, a sense of discovery and nostalgia for the young and young at heart. 

Whether you are a lover of real juice gummies from Spain, Germany, and Switzerland, Mojos or grape-flavoured licorice and Candy Necklaces, you will always find an old or new favourite at a Sticky’s Candy Store.  

Sticky’s offers the customer a focus on the product, a sensory experience and a feeling of the delight that comes from enjoying the sight and smell of candy. 

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